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hornady ammo

The notion was viewed as being, to put it mildly, far-fetched by Joyce Hornady’s bankers. Bullets? producing ammunition for reloaders? What sort of enterprise was that? One could quickly become bankrupt. They could grasp The Hornady Sporting Goods Company’s products, which included basketballs, baseball bats, tennis rackets, team outfits, and bicycles. That was a business, no doubt. However, shooting was not the way of the future. J.W. Hornady thus discovered the first rule of business: “A banker is someone who will lend you an umbrella only when the sun is shining.” hornady ammo

With the end of World War II, the return to peacetime economic conditions, the beginning of the end of the shortages, and Americans eager to resume their regular lives, Joyce Hornady launched a new company in 1949. The country was upbeat. Hornady was very upbeat. He was aware that thousands of shooters sought the same thing he had: reliable, lethal, and accurate ammunition that was affordable to reload. His products were “accurate, deadly, and dependable,” which became the first marketing tagline for the new business.

Bishop Joyce, a well-known Methodist bishop who managed church matters in western Nebraska and Colorado, inspired Hornady, the pastor’s son. From an early age, Joyce shown the inventiveness he would later apply in his business. Early on, he learnt to share duties in order to assist his mother and siblings in making ends meet on a meager pastor’s widow’s pension when his father passed away from an abscessed tooth, a condition that contemporary medicine would instantly cure. Nevertheless, he acquired shooting and hunting skills and he cherished both.