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Remington Ammo

Generations of hunters and shooters have relied on renowned Remington ammo, from muskets to modern firearms. Our extensive selection of cutting-edge sporting and hunting ammunition, which is loaded in Lonoke, Arkansas by American workers, guarantees success every time the trigger is pressed. Everyone who packs ammunition into a handgun, rifle, or shotgun can rely on Remington Ammunition.

Since 1816, we have resided here. Remington and America have worked together to wage and win wars, feed millions of people, and unite endless generations on the range and in the field. Each and every round that leaves our assembly line is something we are proud of. We are refocusing our firm with a fresh commitment to innovation, quality, and ammunition so you can continue to rely on our name and our goods, all the while upholding Remington’s illustrious history and status as an American icon.